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Phototastic-26-12-2015_82f3b156-b8b7-40d8-aa1f-754ea829e4a5.jpg” Evening crushes to squeeze out
The mesmeric essence of the frosty nights…”

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Ho Ho Ho- It’s Xmas Time

Phototastic-25-12-2015_40899fcd-6b68-469e-8b25-1b434c328748(2)Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most awaited times of the year across the world. The festive season is marked by cards, carols, cakes as well as celebrations. The world is usually quite excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as well as welcome the New Year and leave no stone unturned to make the occasion special. The Christmas season also helps everybody take a break from their hectic schedules and helps all of us unwind and get some sort of rejuvenation. It is also a season of indulging in charity and bringing a wide smile on the face of a relatively unfortunate soul.

Silent night,
Silver snowing,
Evergreen trees
Bright and glowing.
World filled with love
and peace and joy,
Thanks to a Saviour
Baby boy!

May this glorious day of our Savior’s birth
Resound with hope and peace on earth!
Merry Christmas!




Each one is a gleaming Sun here….
What matters is whom you choose to be your Sunrise & Sunsets!


Everyone has their own way to romance!
How about this???InstagramCapture_c8ed88ee-ac1e-42fe-a54b-9ecd5272e347


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While flirting with the taste of time

We forget to add spices of faith and hope,

Caramelised stones of memories

Lie bland & allis lost in stirred tea cup of dreams,

Reality becomes the dish best served when chilled

On the glass of life not well-cocktailed with love.

PAST being the light starter is usually avoided

PRESENT is a heavy sumptuous meal too much to digest

FUTURE is a dessert often too sweet to handle by the wisdom teeth,

Half- baked ideas set at 180 degrees in the pre-head oven of mind

Buttered with thoughts of gains,

Later, expectations & needs join in sautéed with greed

And egos scrambled…

Foes planting their eyes in others business rush in when smell something fishy

Poking the tooth- picks into others jaws

Instead of picking up flaws of their own!!

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